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    2013-2014 Detroit Pistons First-Trimester Grades

    So the first third of the season has come to pass, time to hand out grades! And why for each?

    Andre Drummond -
    Greg Monroe -
    Josh Smith -
    Brandon Jennings -
    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope -
    Rodney Stuckey -
    Chauncey Billups -
    Will Bynum -
    Josh Harrellson -
    Gigi Datome -
    Kyle Singler -
    Jonas Jerebko -
    Charlie Villanueva -
    Tony Mitchell -
    Peyton Siva -


    Maurice Cheeks -
    Joe Dumars -

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    Andre Drummond - A-, Hes playing at a level I didn't think we would see this early. He's still very raw though on both sides of the ball and has not improved FT wise

    Greg Monroe - C, he's been forced out of position with the emergence of Dre. He seems to be at his best at the 5 near the basket and His defense still sucks

    Josh Smith - D, Hes very talented but too dumb too use his talents effectively. Another player playing out of position though

    Brandon Jennings - B, I've been very impressed with Jennings. Mostly that he's always been known as a ball hog but that's not been the case here. He also seems like are only player who comes to play every night.

    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - D, His defense has been a nice addition but his offense is still terrible and at a position we are starving for offense. I think he needs to be benched in place of Singler until he can find his offense.

    Rodney Stuckey - A, Hes arguably been our best player and has sparked the teams offense many times already this season.

    Chauncey Billups - F, Hes done and is more of a liability on the court than help

    Will Bynum - F, like Billups he hasn't brought anything to the team except for trying his usual hero ball display.

    Josh Harrellson - B, Love this guy, He plays with constant hustle. He can be a threat near and away from the rim.

    Gigi Datome - D, Looks like another Euro bust in the NBA

    Kyle Singler - B-, Hes brought much needed floor spacing at times when the starting unit looks completely stale, Also he never looks like a guy who doesn't give it his all

    Jonas Jerebko - F, He just sucks anymore

    Charlie Villanueva - FFFF, This guy is so terrible words cannot describe

    Tony Mitchell - Don't know

    Peyton Siva - Don't know


    Maurice Cheeks - C, I haven't been impressed nor disappointed
    Joe Dumars -FFF I really hate him and want him gone ASAP!!!

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    Andre Drummond - A (Continues to progress and looks to be a future star in the making)
    Greg Monroe - C+ (Solid but unspectacular player gets unspectacular grade)
    Josh Smith - C- (For every boneheaded, infuriating thing he does, he seems to make a few big plays)
    Brandon Jennings - B (I'm happy with what we've gotten out of him)
    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - C- (Solid defense, shot doesn't seem to come consistently though)
    Rodney Stuckey - A (Agreed with Rip on this one, he's been a huge improvement. Perfect time to deal him)
    Chauncey Billups - F (Love Chauncey but man he's not very good anymore. I hope he sticks around to take a coaching staff spot one day)
    Will Bynum - F (Thought he'd do more. The extension looks like an awful idea right now)
    Josh Harrellson - B (Better than what I expected for a 3rd center.)
    Gigi Datome - INC (I haven't seen enough to fully say he's absolute garbage or not)
    Kyle Singler - B (Glue guy that every team should have. I love having him here)
    Jonas Jerebko - F (Terrible)
    Charlie Villanueva - F (terrible)
    Tony Mitchell - INC
    Peyton Siva - INC


    Maurice Cheeks - D (Not thrilled with what we've been given so far but still are a playoff team so I can't fail him yet)
    Joe Dumars - INC (How the team finishes the season will decide if he passes or fails. No in between for me)

    Catches: Yards: TDs:

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    Andre Drummond - A-, Needs to cut down the fouls and work on outlet passes. Other that that can you really say anything negative about him?

    Greg Monroe - C+, He has regressed a bit. I'm not talking just statistically either. He needs to be more of a hard worker and less of a complainer.

    Josh Smith - C-, He needs to play his game within the team. This hero ball ******** is annoying. I can't argue his heart for the game, but he needs to learn that less is more on offense sometimes.

    Brandon Jennings - B+, Offensively he has been better than expected even with a meh shooting percentage. Defensively he needs to get better. I think we are all impressed at his distribution to teammates. He, like Josh, sometimes falls in love with the hero ball.

    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - C+, His defense is amazing for a rookie, once that 3 starts to fall (as I'm typing this he just scored his 17th point) he will become a great asset. Especially if he becomes an efficient, non volume scorer.

    Rodney Stuckey - B+, At times he's looked like 08-09 playoff stuckey, other times he's regressed to old habits. I'm critical of him because I used to have high hopes for him (my previous name on this site was StuckeyFan313...)

    Chauncey Billups - F, I still cheer when he checks in at games, but he honestly hasn't done anything positive for this team on the court

    Will Bynum - F, I'm done sticking up for him

    Josh Harrellson - B+, Okur 2.0 baby! Cheaper/better CV who at least tries on D

    Gigi Datome - C, I have high hopes for Datome as a bench scorer

    Kyle Singler - B, I wanted to keep Middleton over Singler...I couldn't stand him last year...but give him his props. Plus outside Stuckey he is our second best free throw shooter lol

    Jonas Jerebko - F, Maybe we can get a 2nd rounder for him

    Charlie Villanueva - A+++, no one keeps the bench warm like CV BABY!

    Tony Mitchell - N/A

    Peyton Siva - D, He hasn't played much, but from what I see Siva is an undersized guard who lacks explosiveness and a shot. I hope he develops his game in the D-League.


    Maurice Cheeks - C, He is a rebuild coach. Rather average thus far

    Joe Dumars - C, Joe Dumars has made this team better, however, will his moves stagnate our growth? I do not know, but we need a positive deal to be made before the deadline if we want to evolve this team. As is this team's ceiling is meh. We have room to grow but I think we need a real 3. I do not see us maxing out Monroe. Smith is a better help side defender at the 4, and can score in the post much like Monroe. Monroe's ceiling as a big is probably higher, but I think this team could be lethal with an athletic 3 who can knock down shots. (I've wanted Batum so bad but that definitely wont happen now considering how good Portland is playing).

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