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Thread: 2014 opponents

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    Nov 2004

    2014 opponents


    Kansas City Chiefs

    Oakland Raiders

    San Diego Chargers

    Buffalo Bills

    Miami Dolphins

    Arizona Cardinals

    San Francisco 49ers

    Indianapolis Colts


    Kansas City Chiefs

    Oakland Raiders

    San Diego Chargers

    New England Patriots

    New York Jets

    St. Louis Rams

    Seattle Seahawks

    Cincinnati Bengals

    Damn...that's a tough *** schedule.

    And ONCE AGAIN WE PLAY THE ****IN PATRIOTS AT NEW ENGLAND. What the **** is up with these schedule makers??

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    Hate every year playing at New England, SF and Seattle are very tough with Indy and Cincy that is five possible losses without even getting into the AFC West. Ohwell we thought Houston was going to be a touch game this year so who knows until next year..

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    If San Diego or Miami makes the playoffs, we'll be playing every AFC playoff team this year.

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    Jan 2011
    10-6 is a pretty good record with that schedule. Defend home field and take care of the division and we'll be AFC West champs again

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