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    What About this KD Guy?

    It is so easy to take KD for granted. A quiet guy, just comes and does his thing, wins scoring titles for example, triple doubles, posts season % numbers only a handful of players have EVER posted... you know... fills his role..... er hum, obviously my tongue is pushing so hard on my cheek if I don't stop now I will poke a hole in my face...

    Remember the skinny dude that got bounced around like a pin ball by 2 guards? Now he is bulky enough to play the 4 in our small lineup?!? Gaining weight is kind of natural as you get older, but when you are burning calories like he does you can eat a cow a day and not put on an ounce. To paraphrase the movie "White Men Can't Jump", ''s hard god-damn work to get something this skin-nae to put on weight...'.... but he has.

    Here is his bio at the Thunder web page:

    Durant, a three-time first-team All-NBA selection, four-time All-Star and three-time NBA scoring champion, makes a concerted effort to fill the stat sheet in all aspects of the game. Defensive rebounding, handling the ball, playing tough defense on the wing and distributing the ball to open teammates are all areas in which Durant has improved in the offseason. The focus and determination with which Durant plays on every possession, along with the example he sets in practice, in film sessions and even out in the community is a great example for younger Thunder players. By expanding his vocal leadership and adding onto his game as he does each year, Durant is finding more and more ways to impact winning for the Thunder. As one of the core members of the franchise, Durantís love for Thunder basketball and influence on the teamís culture is something he displays with pride on a daily basis.

    Not bad, but no mention about bulking up and before the age of 25, it's not easy. Remember when they were trying to come up with a nickname for him? The Big Skinny was tossed around I think. Not any more. He is still slender, no doubt, but he can post up with some authority rather than being pushed around like the old days.

    The result has shown up in the stat sheet too. Scoring? up Rebounding? up 3 pt %? up Assists? way up. Trying to create more has his turnovers up as well, but, IMO, a 1.9 increase in assists outweighs a .6 increase in TO's. Oh, and did I mention? I'm not comparing his current numbers to his rookie season, I'm comparing them to '10/'11, the year we went to the Western Conference Finals.

    Just thought I'd open a discussion....

    If You See Westbrook Wrestling a Grizzlie.... pity the bear....

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    one of the grestest sf ever was larry bird. kd is prob the closest thing to bird in terms of shooting. bird was very crafty around the rim.

    I wanna see Durant take the ball to the hoop more but he is up there in terms of pure shooter.

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