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    Nov 2007

    Chances Hammond or Kohl **** up the Tank?

    What are the chances that one of these two idiots mess up the tank? I'll say 51% because I have no confidence to believe they won't due to their previous history.

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    Dec 2007
    Well Woelfel mentioned 76ers seemed to be the front runners for Asik and possibly Waiters. Knicks shopping Shumpert. Suns shopping picks. Kings are still open to make moves. Lakers interested in Chandler and Shumpert. Heat need a sg with injured Wade. Knicks and Lakers need a pg. Raptors trying to unload Lowry yet. Grizzlies might be shopping ZBO. Who knows if Celtics keeping Rondo or looking for younger players. But its been well known there trying to unload Wallace and Humphries. Nets are kinda interested in Lowry but Raptors want draft pick. Reason why Knicks owner vetoed the deal. Cavs shopping Waiters and possibly ready to trade AV finally.

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