So Clarkson gets two games for his hit on Sobotka. Watch that video and compare it to the video of Dale Weise's 'headshot' on Taylor Hall in the pre-season, which netted Weise five games (albeit pre-season). My opinion: comparing the two, Clarkson deserved more.

Rewind to Phil Kessel's two handed chops on John Scott and gets two games...I can't even tell you how I feel about that one. I'm convinced that if Kessel was a Bruin, John Scott would have received ten games for his leg dulling Kessel's stick. But Kessel deserved more than the two games off in the pre-season.

Because I shoot from the hip, I'll say it plainly: the NHL favors certain teams over others. I think the league is either incompetent or corrupt, or 50-50. I watched the Canucks vs. the Oilers last night, and watched Henrik serve two penalties on two phantom calls conjured by officials who also watched Perron draw blood with a deliberate high stick and got-nothing. After watching other games this year NOT involving the Canucks, I've seen blown calls that have changed the game many it's not just the Canucks. Tony Gallagher's theory is 'game management', where the officials call or do not call just to keep the games close.

Is Brendan Shanahan 'managing' suspensions to improve league parity? If he isn't, then I have to conclude that he either has a bias, or some dirty pictures of someone somewhere...he is horribly inconsistent, like the officials that toil underneath him.

Rant over. Comments?