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    Cuban Defectors; Possible FA Targets

    The Yankees have been linked to a few Cuban defectors this off-season. I thought it might be appropriate to have a separate thread to discuss this topic.

    First this is the process that players must go through that want to play in the USA:
    Any Cuban defector who wants to do business with an American company must first establish residency outside Cuba and the United States, a process that can take several months, depending on the country of residence. Cuban players must also petition MLB to become free agents and be unblocked by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) before they can enter into a contract with a club. Unblocking can take several weeks.
    Another rule/point:
    Cuban players who are at least 23 years old and have played in a Cuban professional league for three or more seasons are exempt from the international signing guidelines established by the collective bargaining agreement, effectively making them free agents once they are eligible to sign with a big league club.
    This is perfect because it should allow the bigger market teams to flex their financial muscles.

    Someone asked Ben Badler of Baseball America about the top Cuban prospects. His tweet:
    Yankees - Jets - Rockets

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    Thanks for the work you put in. I just mention on the off season thread how we should be looking at the international free agents cause there isn't any good options at middle infield left in free agency.

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