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    The future of the Tennessee Titans

    As fans of an professional sports team I think we have all had the occasion pipe dream of landing big name free agents, "sexy" draft picks and "hot" hires immediately followed by a dynasty including strings of championships, multiple hall of fame caliber players and various witty personal moves. But let's be honest, often the big name free agent brings the name along with the massive pay day and cap hit attached to it, the "sexy" draft pick is generally due to hype and college production as opposed to talent, intelligence and work ethic and the "hot" hire is more about hype than ability.

    With all of these things in mind, we are about to enter, what certainly has the feel of a monumental offseason for this franchise. Several questions have been raised about this team, certain players and even coaches. Multiple big decisions will likely be made this offseason, decisions that could affect us for the next five years. I believe we need to stop looking at what we can achieve over a "spending spree" summer and see what we can build over the course of the next few years. Obviously a very "ugly" concept but a concept that has annually provided more Super Bowl appearances and more successful regular seasons than not, look at this years dolphins team.

    First things first, head coach. Mike munchak has done his best but it simply didn't result in regular season victories or success in general. Instantly when candidates are thrown out we look at which offensive coordinators led the league in points per game or those defensive coordinators led the league it total defense, all the while overlooking the candidates who may annually finish in the top ten in either. We also tend to overlook those who have had past experience only to result in failure. Perfect example being someone like mike singletary. Granted I'm not ready to endorse any candidate but I do believe, should we fire munchak, we should take our time and exhaust all options.

    Now turning attention to free agency and the draft, too many fans allow the media and "experts" to dictate whether or not our player moves are wise or not. At the risk of stating the obvious, teams are not alike. Someone who is an excellent fit in Philadelphia may not fit as well in tennessee and it's often perceived as a shot at the player. We know our systems and who fits then well, stop listening to what experts say and put faith in our front office. Jay cutler seems like a good decision to the "naked ear" until you analyze it. Bringing jay cutler to town would likely require 3 year deal at minimum and would have to shell out a solid amount of money, in essence we would be "married" to him for his entire deal. In cutler we would be getting a player with top 5 talent, an outstanding skill set but one who will throw more than his share of interceptions and likely put up numbers well below his salary. I am a cutler fan due to his swagger and ability but not at that price. It would benefit our team to keep the money we would spend on cutler and draft a young quarterback to sit behind Fitzpatrick or another veteran quarterback for a season or two.

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    Why are we discussing the same thing in multiple threads?

    Titans 2017 Draft Class

    5. Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan
    18. Adoree' Jackson, CB, USC
    72. Taywan Taylor, WR, Western Kentucky
    100. Jonnu Smith, TE, FIU
    155. Jayon Brown, LB, UCLA
    217. Corey Levin, OG, Chattanooga
    227. Josh Carraway, LB, TCU
    236. Brad Seaton, OT, Villanova
    241. Khalfani Muhammad, RB, California

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