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    Texans and Redskins Failures, is there a Connection?

    "Sitting here thinking and reading twitter, something keeps showing up. How much the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins have struggled this season. We asked Anthony Brown from to help us and see if there is any similarity between the two teams.

    Obviously the biggest connection from the start is the Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak philosophies when it comes to running and offense."

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    Offensive philisophies, yes, but thats pretty much it. They run the ZBS that requires the same type of O Lineman, they just found better players for their system. They had a bad defense a few years ago so they did something about it, and now there defense is one of the best in the league. Meanwhile the Redskins keep Haslett and watch the defense get even worse.

    Yes, both teams are in a similar situation, but theres is not nearly as bad as ours. They have a good o line, rbs , wrs, and defense, they are just missing a QB. They also have a top 5 pick that they actually get to keep. The Texans coaching opening is definitely more appealing than the Redskins.

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