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    Brian McCann's Contract Requirements To Reach Six Years $100 Million.

    As you know Brian MccCann has a sixth year Option in his contract that can potentially raise the total value of his contract up from five years $85 million to six years $100 million. I wanted to shed a little light on the details of that option's requirements for all those fans fearing getting stuck having to overpay Brian McCann $100 million over the next six years.

    For Brian MccCan, the sixth year option in his contract is a bit more complicated then Ellsbury's but works extremely well to the Yankees favor (much to my surprise).

    If all these conditions are met Brian McCann has a sixth year player option worth $15 million:

    1) MccCann has at least 1,000 plate appearances combined in 2017-18
    2) McCann starts at least 90 games at catcher in 2018
    3) McCann does not end 2018 season on the disabled list.

    This works extremely well in the Yankees favor because, if all these three conditions are met that means Brian is still productive at the end of his contract. In my opinion if these 3 conditions are met Brian getting $15 million for the sixth year is an underpay for that year IMO. He will probably decline that player option if these three conditions are met.

    In the more likely scenario these three conditions aren't met, the sixth year turns into a $15 million team option that the Yankees are free to pick up or decline. The Team option has a $0 buyout which means the Yankees don't have to pay any money if they decline his $15mill team option. While some of you may snuff this off, this is important because some contracts have ridiculous buyouts. The Giants had to pay Barry Zito $7M when they declined his $18M team option. The Phillies will have to pay Cliff Lee $12.5M if they decline his 2016 $27.5M team option. They also have to pay Ryan Howard $10M if they decline his 2017 $23M team option.

    While this doesn't guarantee it will be a good contract, it makes it a lot more favorable one, by making the Vesting Conditions difficult to meet, and including a sixth year Team option with a $0 buyout if the conditions aren't met. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if they picked up that team option in year six, due to inflation, and Brian's performance but five years is still a long time Lol.

    Since Ellsbury's eighth year option year, is more certain to get declined than McCann's and a lot less complicated I thought I'd just include it here:

    Ellsbury He gets Seven years $148 million, and the eight year option year in his contract is a Team option worth $21 million with a $5 million buyout if the Yankees decline. Simple as that.

    If the team option is picked up Ellsbury makes $169 million over eight years, and if its declined Ellsbury makes $153 million over seven years. ($148M+$5M buyout)

    Information courtesy of Cot's Contracts.
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