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    Oct 2012

    #20 (12/4 - 8:00 ET) DAL @ NO: The Pelicans

    Sounds weird to say.

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    Nov 2013
    Couldn't watch it. Just saw the recap, video and everything.

    Important win and good start on the road trip. Glad Calderon played though the past games, Vince finally had one of his better games and Dirk was able to seal the win with his shots and blocks. Strange though how he's only playing half the game or for a qaurter only his best basketball and that it's still enough to overpower evey opposing player on the court. Can't wait till he shows it for the entire game aginst the leagues best teams.

    Sure Pelicans had no Davis while being a plus .500 team, and on top of it, they outrebounded us as hell but with our low number of turn overs and some good coaching, we took away the win. Hope this won't look totally different for the next few games but luckily we're getting some days of rest.

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    Jan 2012
    some nice minutes!
    and ellis ok not 20 points but 9 or 10 assists nice dude
    calderon 3/10 but very important threeeeeeeesssss.
    dirk was dirk ... can't understand those people who think dirk isn't anymore special this kid can play damn good basketball
    vince better day but its not enough for me right now (trade plz or sit him down 2-3 games)
    also good game from dalembert (sry but wish i could back up Noah as our starting center^^^^)
    any timetable for b.wright or harris???

    Andrew Graham:
    "Dallas not a playoff team?? Dirk, Dwight and 13 Adam Morrisons would make the playoffs. "

    RUN DMC Baby

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