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Thread: Wilson Chandler

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    Wilson Chandler

    Hey nuggets fans,

    I have some questions regarding wilson chandler. I know that he has had several injuries over the years, but I was wondering what your impressions of him have been. Where do you see his career going, what are the best aspects of his game, what type of 'ceiling" does he have, does he factor into nuggets long term plan, etc.

    I have always been a fan of his but haven't been able to watch him play much. Last question, in vacuum, if he were to be traded for deng straight up which team would be on the losing end of that deal? obviously deng has been an allstar but with all things considered, how unbalanced of a trade would that be.

    p.s. desperate bulls fan hunkering down researching "realistic" players for a team possibly heading into a rebuild.
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    Wouldn't trade him for Deng, Deng is good but he wouldn't stay here for Wilsons salary...If we are about to trade him, it's with Faried and/or Fournier for better player on good and long contract.

    But would trade him and Evan lets say or JHam+Miller for Noah, you can even get McGee..

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    Nuggets aren't trading Wilson any time soon, especially not for Deng. Wilson is a potential 20 6 and 3 guy in the NBA, he's a prolific scorer and just needs to stay healthy enough to put together a whole season. Nuggets would not pay Deng and Gallo 22+ mill, just ain't happening.

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    Impressions- Dude gets injured...quite a bit. Almost frustrating just how often he does get injured. However, he's a solid player. Can fit in any system. Has a nice mid-range game to go along with a respectable perimeter shooting game. He's an excellent slasher but there are times he just keeps shooting jumpers. His efficiency would be better overall if he attacked the bucket consistently but he hasn't been bad with that this season. He's no lock-down defender (who is these days?) but he can guard and make any PG/SG/SF/PF work. His versatility is so huge in that aspect. Pretty much if he's switched on to're not going to **** your pants in just how bad of a mismatch that is. He's a factor on the boards..he helps in pretty much everything. Just a solid player to have. Ceiling..JEDean pretty much got it. About a 20+ point, 6+ rebound guy. He'll be productive as a starter or coming off the bench.

    I would think he factors into the Nuggs long term plan. They have been patient with him thus far and he's clearly a valuable piece to their team. It's no coincidence the nuggets are playing much better since he has returned. He has provided a lot of stability to the team. In the words of George Karl in regards to Wilson "it's amazing how one player can put the pieces of the puzzle together" or something like that.

    I like Deng. Has been productive in his career and more productive than Ill Will (partly due to the amount of minutes he's played in comparison). Kind of similar to Ill Will as well in terms of overall game. Deng, however, is going to command much more money...with the "All-star" label and what not. And for a Bulls team, that you said is possibly heading to a rebuilding stage, I think they wouldn't mind taking on a much cheaper, controllable, and a younger (Ill Will is 26, Deng is 28) option in Ill Will than Deng.

    If Ill Will got the minutes that Deng gets (granted he has to stay HEALTHY in order to get those minutes), I'm confident he can match or get close to that production consistently. So, I wouldn't trade Ill Will for Deng straight up if I'm looking at it from a Nuggs perspective...for a Bulls perspective..I could take a chance on that.

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