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    1998 Dodgers - player shuffle

    So, I'd always sort of remembered this, but I could't quite remember it. You know what I mean.

    Today I figured it out.

    I heard that Takashi Saito was re-signed by Rakuten. I started looking at other players in the NPB.

    I was reminded of Hideo Nomo. I looked up Nomo's stats on baseball-reference. I admired them. He was a damn good pitcher.
    [Nomo with LA: 81-66 3.74 ERA (104 ERA+), 191 starts, 1217 innings, 534 walks and 1200 strike outs.
    And he homered 4 times. All as a Dodger.

    I looked at his 1998 season, it wasn't so good. About half way through, June 4th, the Dodgers traded Hideo Nomo and Brad Clontz to the Mets for Dave Mlicki and Greg McMichael.

    Dave Mlicki?!? I could have sworn that there was some ridiculousness regarding Dave Mlicki. Didn't the Dodgers trade for him, then him away later in the season? I looked over his transaction log. Nope that didn't happen. Not this time nor any of the other times I checked Dave Mlicki's transaction log for that thing that I was sure happened.

    But this time I found it. I found what did happen.

    Greg McMichael. Greg McMichael pitched 12 games for the Dodgers in 1998 after being traded with Mlicki for Nomo and Clontz. Then, on July 10th, he was traded back to the Mets for Brian Bohanan. It was Greg McMichael that we traded for and then traded away in the same season - not Dave Mlicki, but what's the difference between Dave Mlicki and Greg McMichael anyway.

    But then, somehow I discovered something else weird. Matt Luke. Matt Luke had 81 plate appearances for the Dodgers between opening day and June 8th. On June 8th he was claimed off of waivers by Cleveland. He went 0 for 2 with Cleveland. On June 19th Matt Luke was purchased from Cleveland by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Luke played in 69 games after that hitting .213/.278/.425

    That's also the year that the Dodgers trade Mike Piazza and Todd Ziele for Charles Johnson, Bobby Bonilla, Gary Sheffield and a few other guys.

    But not to get too off track, that Greg McMichael business...

    as confused as that was the Dodgers clearly got the best of it.
    With LA, Nomo produced 0.2 WAR.
    With the Mets, Nomo produced 0.4 WAR.
    That's bad, right, Nomo was better as a Met

    but Mlicki produced 1.1 WAR with LA. Mlicki was better than Nomo.

    Clontz, who went to the Mets, produced -.2 WAR with LA and -.1 WAR with NY. Meh...
    McMichael produced 0 WAR in his month with LA
    but he was traded for Brian Bohanan who produced 2.4 WAR with the Dodgers.

    In total, the players the Dodgers traded for went
    12 - 11 with a 3.39 ERA in 46 games, 236 innings with 80 walks, 161 K's and 3.5 WAR

    The players the Dodgers traded to the Mets went
    8 -6 with a 4.73 ERA in 49 games, 123.6 innings with 73 walks, 119 K's and 0.2 WAR

    That was some sweet wheelin' and dealin'
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    That's interesting.

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    dispone de demasiado tiempo libre

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    Right before Fred Claire got fired he was actually trying to trade for Randy Johnson.

    I would have kept Mlicki for the 1999 season. He could have easily filled in for the crappy Carlos Perez.

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