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    Kind of Cards related, Kinsler for Fielder being reported as done via Heyman

    I dont have a link and wont link another message board. I say its kind of related to us being it opens up 2nd base for one of Profar/Andrus

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    Said it in the other thread but I'll say it here as well

    I don't think the door is 100% closed on Andrus.

    The rangers, who have plenty of payroll, are getting 30 million with fielder, his contract is at a very reasonable rate with that 30 million. The Rangers could realistically sign Cano, trade Andrus to free more money, use Fielder at 1B/DH, Profar at SS and Cano at 2B. They then can get a return for Andrus that could include young starting pitching (they don't need it but could look for an upgrade) and they could still use help at 1B/DH (fielder can only do one obviously.)

    I think this is unlikely but if anyone could have the ability to take on Cano the rangers would be one.

    Choo a more likely scenario for Rangers though, he can play RF and give them a very complete offense

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    I like the deal that the tigers and rangers made. I think prince will put up monster numbers in Texas.

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