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    Streaming Audio for Jazz/NBA

    I have a desk job where I have headphones on my ears 99% of the day. It gives me a great opportunity to hear music, which I enjoy, but I also really love listen to Jazz/basketball related podcasts/audio bits. I've found quite a few different options but I'm always looking for more. I don't have to agree with what the person is saying for me to be content listening. So much out there is done to be controversial, analytic based, opinion based - doesn't matter to me, I just enjoy listening.

    It'd be great to hear what you guys listen to and have to offer, I'm sure I'd listen to it. Rather than this thread being selfish, I think it would be awesome to share with one another so we all have the opportunity to stay informed and up to date. I'll start off by sharing some different options that I've found for those interested (Note: I realize many of these could be considered "stupid" or "lame," (cue the Billy Madison quote: "We are all dumber...") but as I mentioned before many of them are just to pass the time. Even some of the worst ones sometimes still have something to offer even if it's not much.)

    Locked on Jazz (David Locke) - To me, Locke is pretty annoying and his self proclaimed "insider" status can sometimes make him come across as a little arrogant, but he does off some insightful stuff. He's opinionated, so his listeners have to be careful not take what he says as gospel. Overall though he's good. I try to catch his morning Tip Off every workday. Also he has his Google+ page where people post links to interesting stuff.

    Salt City Hoops (The Saturday Show) - Usually they're pretty good about doing this most Saturdays recapping the Jazz/NBA in the past week.

    Purple and Blues (Jazzcasts) - If anyone from Purple and Blues posts here please don't take offense to what I'm about to say. To my knowledge it's a fan made site and they do an excellent job getting local and national journalists to come on and answer questions. It's amateur, so some of the questions and opinions have a lot of homerism to them. Entertaining for me nonetheless.

    1280 the Zone - Links to local radio shows talking about Utah sports (link given is for Jazz related posts)

    ESPN Radio - I find it hard to navigate to get what I want to listen to, especially since so much of it is football talk.

    SLC Dunk - Hard to navigate to find audio posts. I don't go here much.

    Grantland - Love him or hate him, Bill Simmons is my favorite and his site is great. It consists of sports/pop culture, but he's got a great team of people especially Zach Lowe for NBA fans. Takes some exploring to figure out who you want to listen to.

    I'm trying to think what else I listen to. I'll update more as they come to mind. I usually have open Hoopshypes's Jazz Twitter feed and sometimes if you're lucky the beat writers will post links to recent podcasts they've done.

    Please feel free to share. Thanks guys!
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    I listen to cbs sports eye on basketball sometimes, but only when I have exhausted every other podcast I could find. they are really heavy on their teams and rarely have any real knowledge on the jazz.

    Also, sometimes I can't stand simmons on the jazz podcost he complained about kanter always being hurt(missed like the last 15 games last year, but hasn't ever been hurt before), and there was one other thing, but I forgot what it was. right now I only listen to his podcasts that are football or the ones with zach lowe who is really good.

    I also I have listened to most of those fan made podcasts and some of them are hard to listen to as they are nothing but huge homers and the others are sometimes literally hard to listen too with such bad audio quality.

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