Who the hell scouted Derek Cox, fire him now, 20M for 4 years for a guy that can't cover ****, always 2 steps late? While Tyranne Matthieu was out there for a long time waiting for somebody to call. Hell! I’d even risk a chance on Asamough… who’d be a lot cheaper and might make a play at least once a game. Derek Cox flails around out there and it’s physically painful to watch him, and I’m not just talking about his dropping a dead easy pick6… that just demonstrates his lack of focus and effort.

The Chargers “defense” is godawful… and to watch. Last time I checked we were last in the league in third downs defensed. POOOLEASE get us a D coach who can teach basic tackling FFS!
The lack of intensity and aggression the Chargers are showing this year is pathetic. Good teams try to win; we get the ball back with 24secs and timeouts. We don’t even try a deep pass or let a playmaker make a play… instead we just let the clock run out and run in for halftime with a tied score? No, we haven’t been blown out by anyone but who is trying to win on this ****edup team???

I am seriously beginning to suspect the abilities of McCoy and crew (except D.Aless) … not like we were expecting much this year but we can’t even pound it in on the 6inch mark with all 4 downs… pathetic! Anyone counted how many times we’ve been in the red zone this year and were incapable of scoring… even during the down Norv years we could do that. OC Wisenhunt is trying to turn Rivers into a dink & dunk passer! Ya = stats not wins. We recover a goal line fumble by Miami but that idiot Luiget has gotta take 2/3 steps to rough the passer? Lack of discipline = poor coaching.