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    Exclamation Game 9: Bucks vs Thunder


    Saturday, November 16, 2013

    8:30 PM ET - BMO Harris Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI

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    Knee Jerk Reactions:

    Giannis is quickly becoming a human highlight reel

    Has anyone ever taught Udoh how to box out?

    Zaza made Perk Dawg look like the defensive machine Roy Hibbert

    Zaza so cold right now....Zaza

    Middleton had an off night shooting (he's quietly shooting a solid 43% this season), but at least he made his 3's

    Derek Fisher is still in the league, but his game is not

    Durant didn't necessarily kill us, in fact he was held in check throughout the first half.

    Naters used his size and got some boards

    OJ played some OJ Ball.

    That Adams kid looks pretty solid for OKC

    Where's the aggression Henson? It wasn't on the floor.
    Young Guns

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    Pick 'N Save post game show with Sparky. Starts the show and asks when the Bucks lose do you still get upset? Pretty much 100% of the callers said no. Tank is on. Sparky said he was at the game for the first half. Said he caught him self staring at the court thinking of a line up of Wiggins at 6'8" and Giannis still growing and could end up 7' to 7'2" and Henson 6'11" and Sanders at 6'11". That's a long line up.

    But some callers said watch out though. We could go on a run once all healthy. Wait till we get Ersan, Butler, Sanders, Knight back. We could go on a run and wiggle away from the top 7 picks fast. Then one caller said why isn't Henson playing much? Then mentioned the whole coach Drew's wife and son conspiracy theory over Henson and Marshall at North Carolina. I believe we put that topic to bed a while back.

    Then another caller said Henson got in to foul trouble early was the reason. Then one caller said he's worried Kohl pulls a win now move. Then Sparky mentioned a trade he didn't want to mention said he wanted to save it for another time. Then he said what if we get a top 3-4 pick in lottery. Then we land a PF with that pick. Do we bulk up Henson and start him at center and try and deal Sanders for a top 6-8 pick?

    Then Woelfel said he compares Parker to Zach Randolph but Parker more athletic. But then Sparky said what if Parkers brute force in college doesn't work in the pro's being only 6'8" or 6'9"? Then they said he could still grow maybe two inches and end up 6'11". Then one caller said what if we get a high lottery pick and some of them do want to play for us? Then Woelfel and Sparky said yeah Noah said he wouldn't play for Bucks and didn't even work out for us.

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    Actually they might of been talking about Randle not Parker. I was trying to memorize the whole 1 hour 21 minutes of post game show for a breakdown.

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    Forgot about this figured to post it from post game show. One caller said with all the injuries we might as well call our starting line up 4 Cousins subs and some Mayo. Also post game show had coach Drew then Mayo. Mayo gave high praises for Wolters.

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