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Thread: Dirk

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    Now that Dirk has passed Jerry West, where would you rank him on the all time list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mavsman81 View Post
    Now that Dirk has passed Jerry West, where would you rank him on the all time list?
    Which one? What all time list? Scoring, all around game, defensive end etc.?

    His origin and that he's never been the defensive anchor, or at least a rebounding machine has kept him from being ranked higher. Him, TD and KG, they "reinvented" their game and position to some degree. Dirk is rather a SF but with shooting skills like Ray Allen, Larry Bird or Reggie, when he was at his best. I'd never call him a SG or PG like other ppl who claim he could play those postions. Laughable.

    He showed he can rebound and play better D, especially during the Playoffs and on international ground. In the oipposite to most other superstar, he could raise his game during the playoffs, just like MJ. Not many others can/could do that.

    What's also speaking aginst him are those early playoff exits. I don't count the Golden State one, because it was actually the most difficult opponent that they could have faced, in my opinion.

    Age and father time will bring him up in most all time lists. I hope that he cna crack the 10,000 rebound one too because that would make his career even more impressive, joining an elite clube, even when it's just due to longeviety and not greatness as a rebounder (by his seize and he's not a sole spot up shooter like many ppl like to see him).

    Refs and officiating back and forth, his UNBELIEVABLE finals loss to Miami leaves also a huge scar in his resumee. However, he's never been soft, something guys over there seem to label every Euro as being soft, sooner or rather.

    You also gotta differ between how he will be remebered one day: By a fanatic Mavs fan, a regular Nowitzki fan, a common NBA fan and just the regular citizen who knows nothing about basketball except what newspaper/media release/write/air but since you're asking me personally, I'd rank him a top 5 PF all time which is STUNNING if you think of all the guys at his postion in the history of the game. Not bad for a white, goofy teenager coming from a soccer nation.


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    the biggest and best NBA star ... and this from an professional standpoint, i mean there is no other star beside dirk who take so big paycuts. he is still a human not a moneymaker jucker or what ever...
    he is still on the ground , i will cry at the day he quits so lets rock this last seasons with him and lets go DÖÖÖÖRRRKKKKK

    Andrew Graham:
    "Dallas not a playoff team?? Dirk, Dwight and 13 Adam Morrisons would make the playoffs. "

    What do the Mavs say???

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