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    Nov 2013

    Bob Probert beaten bloody vs Devils 1990

    hey whats up folks new guy here.

    long story short i was always under the impression probert never lost he might have tied but never lost. clear he is beaten to a pulp by a guy i never heard of who played a handful of games. lol

    any thoughts

    bob did a little better a year later but still took some licks. i guess this guy had his number

    round 2
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    Feb 2008
    Every guy loses fights.

    Fun fact: Tim Hunter never broke his nose.
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    It happens. Bob Probert's win percentage I'm guessing was a top of the league. He was a great fighter, and could actually play. I can't even watch the fight right now. Probert lost fights late in his career too, post shoulder surgery. It happens.

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