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    Make your team a world series contender

    Not sure if this is thread worthy but I think it can be fun.


    1. Be realistic with acquisitions, contracts, and trades
    2. Have fun with it


    3. Do you think your team might realistically do what it takes or come close to it

    Look forward to reading what you come up with
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    Trade from our surpluses for a shortstop.


    But being honest.

    They'll probably work out a deal for someone like Hardy, Aybar, etc. They may reach a deal for someone more extreme like Profar or Tulo, but that might be much more difficult, but the Cardinals certainly have the means to do it.

    We have 8 starters right now that deserve a rotation spot anywhere in baseball. And we have added depth of another 4 starters that could clearly step in and be starters if necessary and the exp might make them quality starters as well. So we have controllable pitching to move for this. We also have a surplus at our 3B/2B depth and potentially at 1B.

    So we have the goods to get someone good, without sacrificing any of our stars, starters, or prospects. Just young controllable talent that could net us someone decent.

    Outside of a shortstop, we should be fine winning the division again. The team doesn't need much to do it again.
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    New York
    There's nothing the Cubs could realistically do to make this happen.

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    Trade Miller, Adams, Jackson, and a few more pitching prospects for Tulo

    Sign Choo


    RF Choo 15 million
    3B Carpenter 500K
    SS Tulo 16 million
    LF Holliday 17 million
    1B Craig 2.75
    C Yadi 15 million
    CF Taveras (probably startin june 1st) 500K
    2B Wong 500 K

    Freese 5 million
    Cruz 500 K
    Descalso 500K
    Jay 3 million
    whoever for last bench spot 1 million

    Waino 20 million
    Wacha 500K
    Lynn 5 million
    Garcia 7.75 million
    Martinez/Kelly/Rosenthal 500K

    Motte 7 million
    6 more spots at 500K each

    that puts the payroll around 120 million which is around what they ended the season at

    That much money would hamper the future with arbitration and contract raises (so i don't think i'd get both choo and tulo in an ideal world) but it would definitely make a case for best in the majors in 2014

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    Resign Uribe and Kershaw, improve the bench. Sign Tanaka.

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    For the Phillies if we sign McCan and Choo (maybe Cruz as well depending on exactly where our budget is) for Price with a deal featuring Biddle, Ruff and a few more minor leaguers, get 2 solid bullpen pitchers (I'd trade Cody Asche for one if someone wants him), and have Ryan Howard stay healthy I think we are right there.

    With a pending TV deal next offseason we need to be good and marketable so they may spend bigger then they might want to and also the $24 mil every team gets....I doubt McCan happens but I'm not sure who our catcher would be because it looks like Ruiz is going to get a bigger deal than I'd match.


    This may be against my own rules I put Howard stay healthy and I'm not sure if its realistic at this point, I think it may be but I'm not sure so I added it.
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    Striving for a kinder, gentler PhillyFaninLA

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    san josYAY
    Get Tanaka, extend Hanley and Kershaw, get Craig Gentry, Jeff Baker, Eric Chavez for the bench. Trade an OF.

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    Lmao at that trade for Price

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    just re-sign jeter. done, yankees win next year!
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    Trade Lynn + Bullpen arm for Bourjus and Aybar.



    Rosie- CL
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    I didn't want to throw this information out here. I was a 3 year varsity starter at QB in high school. I played quarterback in junior college as well. I was considering playing division 1 football as well but chose to pursue my career in business instead. However, currently I am helping train with Derek Carr from Fresno State get ready for his pro day and the draft. I am also working with Cody Kessler, the USC quarterback.

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    Pretty sure I'd have to sell my soul for the Mariners to win a world series.

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    Oct 2009
    Im not sure I can realistically make the Mets a world series team in 2014, but ill try.

    Sign: Cory Hart 1 yr 6 million
    Sign: Johnny Peralta 2 yrs 22 million
    Sign: Bronson Arroyo 3 yrs 26 million
    Sign: Josh Johnson 1 yr 10 million
    Sign: LaTroy Hawkins 1 yr 3 million
    Trade: Rafael Montero, Michael Fulmer, and Kevin Plawecki for Andre Ethier
    Trade: Ike Davis for N. Aoki

    RF: Aoki
    2B: Murphy
    3B: Wright
    1B: Hart
    LF: Ethier
    SS: Peralta
    C: d'Arnaud
    CF: Lagares

    SP: Niese, Wheeler, Johnson, Arroyo, Gee with Syndergaard coming up in June/July

    I don't know if it makes the Mets a world series team. If they had a healthy Matt Harvey it would be more plausible. All the moves are things the Mets can realistically do. However, I dont see them making so many moves. I think its more likely they end up with Ethier, Aoki, Peralta, Arroyo and Hawkins and not getting Hart and Johnson. I can live with not getting Johnson, but if they trade for Ethier, Hart's power would seriously be needed
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    Trade for Price and trade Dan Uggla even if it is for a bag of balls. Bring Infante back to ATL or go with internal option (La Stella) at 2B.

    El Oso Blanco

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    Apr 2013

    - Give Clayton Kershaw (almost) all of the money
    - Sign IF/OF Jeff Baker for 1 year $2.5 million (or a bit more, whatever it takes, within reason). The Dodgers have needed a right-handed bat to platoon with Andre Ethier for years. Baker can be that bat. He can also backup in the infield
    - Trade for Craig Gentry of the Rangers. Despite having 4 starting outfielders, the Dodgers don't have a true CFer on the roster. Gentry is an outstanding defensive center fielder. He's also a decent bat against left-handed pitching.
    - Sign Jhonny Peralta for 2 years and $19 million. Peralta will play 3B for the Dodgers. He's also available to play SS if Hanley is injured since the Dodgers don't really have any other option at SS.
    - Lure Eric Chavez away from Arizona with a 1-year $6 million deal. I think Chavez would prefer to play in AZ but he'd be an excellent fit in LA. He could play 3B if Peralta was needed at SS and he'd provide an actual hitter off of the bench
    -Sign SP Masahiro Tanaka. Because, why not? We're going to need to acquire at least 1 additional starting pitcher. I originally wanted a one-year guy like Dan Haren since we have young pitching coming up, but Tanaka is too good to pass up.
    - Don't go crazy looking for a 5th starter. Chad Billingsley should be available for most of the season after surgery. Josh Beckett still exists. Matt Magill and Stephen Fife are options and Zach Lee could be a factor in the second half of the season.
    - Sign Brian Wilson or Joaquin Benoit for 2 years and $16 million. Kenley Jansen is the Dodgers best reliever. Let's sign a 'closer' to pitch the ninth inning and save Jansen for higher leverage spots in the 7th or 8th inning.
    - Sign JP Howell for 2 years and $6 million. Or another left-handed pitcher. I prefer Howell because he can face right-handed pitchers in high-leverage spots.
    - Sign minor league free agent Marcus Walden. Walden has posted excellent minor league groundball rates (60%) and could be a useful middle reliever. If not Walden, then the Dodgers can find another guy on a minor league deal to fill a bullpen spot with guys like Shawn Tolleson, Jose Dominguez, Javy Guerra, or some of the minor league starters like (Matt Magill or Chris Anderson) also available to help the Dodger bullpen.
    - Don't be afraid to DFA Brandon League. If he looks as bad this season as last, get rid of him, eat the money and give that roster spot to a productive player.

    -Go back in time and pick up Mark Ellis' team option. Guerrero is unproven at the major league level. Having Ellis around is insurance against Guerrero being a total flop. If Guerrero looks good in spring training, Ellis can be traded. If Guerrero needs a little time in AAA, Ellis can start then be traded when Guerrero is ready.

    -Inquire into the Reds' Ryan Hannigan. If he's available for a reasonable price make the trade. Let Hannigan and Ellis share time and Fed-X can provide depth at AAA since the Dodgers have nothing at the position beyond he and Ellis.

    If/when Kemp proves healthy and productive then one of Crawford (my preference) or Ethier should be moved.

    C AJ Ellis
    C Tim Federowicz
    1B Adrian Gonzalez
    2B Alexander Guerrero
    3B Jhonny Peralta
    SS Hanley Ramirez
    3B/1B Eric Chavez
    IF/OF Jeff Baker
    LF Andre Ethier
    CF Matt Kemp
    RF Yasiel Puig
    OF Carl Crawford
    OF Craig Gentry

    SP Clayton Kershaw
    SP Zack Greinke
    SP Masahiro Tanaka
    SP Hyun-Jin Ryu
    SP Chad Billingsley/Josh Beckett/Matt Magill/Stephen Fife/Zach Lee/minor league free agent
    CL Brian Wilson/Joaquin Benoit
    RP Kenley Jansen
    RP JP Howell
    RP Paco Rodriguez
    RP Ronaldo Belisario
    RP Chris Withrow
    RP Brandon League
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    Resign Burnett or sign similar pitcher to get strong top 3

    Add some OBP to the lineup. The Pirates non pitchers had the highest ISO in the NL so power isn't a problem.

    Don't give so many PA to the likes of Brandon Inge.

    Teach our pitchers how to hit just a little bit. In 2013 they became the first NL staff in history not to get a single XBH. The only other team to get less than 2 was the 2012 Pirates. So let's not be historically bad here again.

    Sprinkle in some luck and you have a World Series contender.
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