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    Mar 2010

    Wow...Didn't expect us to lose against the Jets

    Well, the Troll has been very quiet for a long time, but has waken up now due to the Jets upset. I don't know who can we blame. Talk to a few fans already this morning and most are pointing fingers to the offense line for not protecting Drew. He is (Drew) one of the least Quarterbacks in the NFL that does not run the ball. He will either 1) throw the ball away or 2) take the sack. If you are in a perfect world though he shouldn't have to run the ball, but we aren't in a perfect world. The offense line can take the blame, but Drew can also look at other receivers and not just key in on his favorite(s).

    People can laughed all they want...but Carolina is looking pretty good right now at 5-3 and we are 6-2. We haven't even played them yet, but I don't think we are out of the woods yet and sealed up our Division. Almost winning games don't count for much at all, cause it's still a Loss.

    But if we lose against Dallas, San Francisco,and Seattle, that will dropped us down to 5 losses and not even counting the Panthers.

    Maybe it was "Brotherly Love" was the real reason why the Jets won that game.

    I don't think we will have home field advantage this year, maybe a wild card though. Have to see this week when Dallas comes to the Super Dome on Sunday night. If we win, it won't mean too much cause the next game is against the 49er's. (Hopefully, these two games won't be a Yo-Yo) We win against Dallas but lose against the 49er's. If that will be the case, than wild card....

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    Jun 2010
    I'm so sick of losing to Green Bay and the 49ers its time we beat them 9ers!!!

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