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Thread: Next Man Up!

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    Next Man Up!

    This next man up approach has it's benefits if you have the right coaching, but it potentially has it's flaws.


    Marinelli is getting the absolute BEST out of his DLine. The injuries continue to mount, and the unit continues to impress. Here's to hoping that the next man up continues to work for this defense

    The huge concern is that the next man up is now the next-next-next man's like a bunch of assembly line workers, but when the first 3 or 4 people call off sick, you are stuck with the guy mopping the has worked so far.

    what say you?

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    The line looked fine after Ware went down last week. In fact, they began pressuring RG3 more, it seemed. If Selvie and Hatcher play, I am not worried. Even Nevis looked good. WSH O-Line was a top unit last year, and this year they have been playing well. We should be going up against a weaker unit tomorrow and a QB that does not run. Hopefully that will equate to success.

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    Oct 2013
    Hopefully we can turn those missed sacks into sacks. I counted 5 missed sacks vs Washington.

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    I know this is off topic but it is what I thought of after reading this thread. It is very funny.

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