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    The Grantland Annual NBA League Pass Rankings

    The Grantland Annual NBA League Pass Rankings:

    Thought this was pretty cool. I usually don't like Bill Simmons but I give him props for this article. I think he's spot on with his rankings and reasons.

    Anyway, I think the W's picked a good time to go to China because they are such an exciting team to watch these days. Hopefully Curry becomes a recognized star out there and increases the W's global appeal.

    Anyway, just wanted to share the article, hope it's thread worthy, if not feel free to merge.

    Interested what you guys think about it? agree or disagree?
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    My supe mentioned this to me today. Pretty interesting..

    EVERYBODY HAD BETTER BE EXCITED. Hide your kids, hide your wife. DUBS NATION is raping everyone

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    We got this!! LOL
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    I enjoyed this about the Rockets "Their announcing crew brings a dangerous mix of misinformation and homerism that mars the Houston broadcast"

    And "Mike Brown's return to coaching (and Mike Brown's return to not running an offense)"
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