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    Dec 2006
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    DMC with the quote of the year

    When asked how many offenses he's been a part of as a King, DeMarcus Cousins said: "Actually this is my first one."

    I guess he really likes Malone...
    De'Aaron Fox | Buddy Hield | Bogdan Bogdanovic | Skal Labissiere

    “When you put Peyton and Big Ben together, you get Andrew Luck. He has the cerebralness of Peyton and the grit of Ben. ” - Bruce Arians on Andrew Luck

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    LMAO!!! That is pretty funny, but damn is it true! How sad is that...?

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    May 2009
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    Before I read what he said, I knew that's what he was gonna say. Boogie on, Boogie!!!

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