“There’s so much to like,” Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson told The Indianapolis Star after a breathless day of awaiting word from Browns executive Joe Banner. “There’s a reason why (Richardson) was taken third overall. That doesn’t happen by happenstance. There’s a lot that goes into that pick. Guys don’t just throw darts at the third pick in the draft.

“He’s done it at a high level his whole life. The thing about him is he plays the game the way it’s meant to be played. He was born to run the football. He’s a powerful back, a back that can avoid tacklers or run over them. He can catch the ball. He adds an element on third down. He’s got a pretty broad skill set in a very compact 220-pound frame who happens to run a 4.48 (40-yard dash).”

“I know the numbers,” Grigson said. “But the yardage is there. You see it when you’re watching the film. Obviously if you have a guy that’s your main threat in the offense, that’s who defenses are going to key up. Trent isn’t even near his ceiling. We’re talking about the third pick in the draft and that’s not because he’s a ham-and-egger.

“We have a commitment to win,” Grigson said. “That goal is something we strive for, regardless of circumstances or anything that’s put in our path. That’s how we roll.”

Always love hearing what Grigson has to say about players.