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Thread: How many wins?

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    Apr 2008

    How many wins?

    It's that time again… How many wins do the Bills get this year?

    I'm not going to post a poll, just say what you think. I'm not sure there's enough people here to make a poll worth while.

    This year is pretty tough for me to guess. I'd love to say 8-9, but I just don't think they'll get there. I think there's some serious holes still… Especially on defense.

    I'd love for EJ to set the league on fire, but he's a rookie and they'll be some issues I'm sure. I'm really looking for some progression as the season rolls along.

    I'm going to say they end with 5.

    5 wins.

    Things go bad, 3. If they go as good as possible, 8.

    I'm settling on 5.

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    Feb 2009
    For me it's all about the Lines and the LB blitz. If the offensive line can allow enough time for passing plays to develop and keep opening holes for Jackson and especially spiller, then they have a chance to be potent. I believe the holes at WR have been filled. Manuel will have some guys to throw to and develop with as long as the line holds up.
    Same goes for defense. This defense has been built to get to the qb. If they do that consistently it will make the whole team look better. It can work, but the pass rush needs to be superb.

    If everything breaks right, and I mean EVERYTHING. This team has huge question marks at every layer. 10 wins is possible. Extremely unlikely though.
    Lowest I'd say 2. An injury to any of our key players is a season ruined. If spiller or EJ go down, it's major blow. Example: Gilmore being out for 8 weeks. Not a lot of depth on this team.

    I'm going to say 6 wins, though what I hoping for is that they develop an identity.

    Things will always work out in the end, but if you want them to turn out a certain way... You need to make it happen.

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