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    Aug 2007

    Texans @ Cowboys preseason game 4

    Finally the preseason Is coming to and end Thursday ! can get ready for the home opener in San Diego ...

    I know starters will not play in this game we have managed to stay relatively healthy for the preseason and seem to be getting healthy

    the back up QB spot should be determined after this game and also the 3rd string RB spot which I think will be won by Karim

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    Dec 2009
    I actually enjoy this game. Seeing the players on the bubble fight for a spot is usually interesting. Unfortunately, this year seems to be more cut and dry. Karim has been the best back all preseason, with Posey back, all the WR spots are locked up, it sounds like Yates will be the #2 and the defense is pretty set unless we cut one of our 3rd round rookies

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