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    Uni Watch Power Rankings: MLB

    Welcome to Day 1 of the 2013 Uni Watch Power Rankings, as we rank all 122 uniform sets in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. (For an introduction and ground rules, click here.) We're beginning on the baseball diamond, as we examine MLB -- currently the best looking of the four major pro sports leagues. Although some MLB uniform sets are weaker than others, very few MLB unis right now are truly bad. Even the team at the bottom of this chart isn't awful looking -- it's just devoid of aesthetic character.

    How good is MLB uni design these days? So good that the sport's best-looking team looks even better this year, thanks to an excellent new alternate jersey and a few other improvements. Which team are we referring to? Take a look and see for yourself (remember, you can click on each team's name to see photos of its current uniform set), and then be sure to come back Tuesday for our NBA rankings.

    Rank Team Logo Trending Comments
    1 St. Louis Cardinals MLB's best-looking team looks even better this season thanks to the addition of that great retro-style alternate jersey. There's still something a bit unimaginative about the road grays just duplicating the home whites, but it's such a good design that it's hard to blame them.

    #1 again!
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    I have to agree cards should be number 1

    I wouldn't put the cubs at 2 because I don't like pinstripes but that's just a personal dislike

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