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Thread: Chris Matthews

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    Chris Matthews

    Obviously one game is an insanely small sample size. But I could have sworn Brandon Marshall snuck in his uniform.

    If this is a glimpse of what is to come he could be an exciting player.

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    Ian. Guest
    I'm surprised he wasn't around earlier. I really thought they may have been hiding him for the super bowl.

    It'd be nice to see him around next year but we have a pretty full set of receivers. I don't know if Kearse will be going anywhere because he's Wilson's best buddy. I think they will target a WR in the draft as well.

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    They pretty much have to. While I love Baldwin and Kearse, Deion was right. They, 'aight'. Also it seems like we really only play well on offense with the pressure on. They need to step up that consistency.
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    But we drafted Richardson and norwood , what do we do with them?

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    Ian. Guest
    Well Richardson will be on the PUP and unavailable for six games and who knows how long it takes him to get back into it. Norwood was pretty much a non factor all season so I have to imagine he's not progressing like they hoped. I think he sticks around for sure. But you can't go into the season banking on him or P. Rich.

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    Bring them all back and have them compete at training camp for the spots. None of them are expensive. I would not be surprised to see a real #1 emerge from among Mathews, Richardson and Norwood. (with Richardson getting his shot a little later due to injury). If one doesn't, we continue to go with the main guys that got us to the Superbowl this year.

    I only wish we had a promising prospect like Mathews or Richardson on our O line.
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    Ian. Guest
    We have plenty of picks in the draft to grab a few guys and develop for O-line though.

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    We need to target a WR in the draft. Matthews played amazing in the SB, maybe he can be part of our WR corp.
    With Richardson out, he will have his opportunities, Norwood is very meh, doubt we keep him much longer.

    If we come out the draft with a tall receiver, i will be happy.
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    Ian. Guest
    I think they could probably wait until later rounds for that receiver. Then again, if they see a guy they like, they'll nab him.

    I honestly don't care if they draft one early or wait. I think it'll be fine either way. They may look to supplement with a free agent as well depending on what Kearse does.

    At this point, I'd let Lockette hit the road.

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    May 2009
    Kennewick, Washington
    Matthews is solid but he isn't the answer. We needed talent at WR before Richardson went down, now we are in dire need of WR help. Kearse and Baldwin are good but they clearly can't carry the load by themselves. It doesn't mean we change our ways and turn into a spread passing team. It just means we need a player that the defense can really focus on. PC always talks about players who stand out and are "special". Guys like Richardson and tate have one common trait that really stands out, speed. The guys we have been rumored to be interested in like Vincent Jackson, Fitz, and Marshall all have size has a "special" trait. We need someone unique who stands out. Richardson will more than likely be out to start the season and may not even hit the field next season. I'd bet that Norwood makes some noise next season. He could start the season as a #3 WR.

    I agree Lockette needs to go. He's great on special teams but he makes too many costly mistakes.

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