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    Djalma Santos, two-time FIFA World Cup champion, dead at 84 in Uberaba, Brazil

    Widely regarded as the greatest right back to grace the game, Djalma Santos, former Brazilian international and Palmeiras superstar, has died at the age of 84 in Uberaba, interior of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

    The cause of death has been revealed in a note by doctors to have been due to pneumonia and severe hemodynamic instability, culminating with cardiac arrest.

    The right back played during the massively successful Brazilian teams of 1958-62, winning both editions. He was also present in the 1954 and 1966 FIFA World Cups.

    During the 50s, the player would show signs of what a modern full back would look like by not only taking over defensive duties but also helping expand wide play on attack. The Palmeiras man showcased tremendous endurance and was successful in participating in attacks and returning to form the defensive line before the opponent had an opportunity to exploit the gaps, a staple on the resume of every full back today. He was also adept at lobbing balls during throw ins when they were close to the opponent's box, literally transforming what was merely a throw into a makeshift corner kick, another recurring ability of full backs nowadays.

    Date of birth: February 27, 1929
    Date of death: July 23, 2013

    FIFA World Cup champion: 1958, 1962
    Taša Brasil (Brazilian 1st division equivalent): 1960, 1967

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    Dad from Djalminha?

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    rip. the best right back of all time

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