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    Eagles Sign OT Michael Bamiro

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    he's a huge SOB, can you say goldline run? our line went from small for years to huge this year. hope he works out
    Eagles offseason:
    Sign/draft WR
    Sign/draft CB
    Sign/draft Strong Safety
    Sign/draft OL (maybe JP moves inside, LJ moves to LT position draft RT)
    Sign/draft LB

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    hmmm the link is about A-Rod being a douche

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    Eagles Sign OT Michael Bamiro

    Have a feeling he's role this year will me limited (unless injury takes it hit....again). Next year he will be in the starting line up, found a good read on csnphilly about him. Teams didn't know he was draft eligible. He has been attending Tra Thomas' camp, hinge the reason he choose the number 72. Give him a year (or Peter's not being recovered) and he will be starting.

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    I like that attitude and itd be awesome if he is ready to start next year. My problem is i dont think we need him to start. We'll still have peters and johnson next year. If peters isnt 100%, then its great news but i anticipate peters being fine. I still really like dennis kelly, he's got a good mentality, thinks he can start for ths team. I think he will get better too. So with kelly, johnson and this bamiro guy, i think we have some good options after peters

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    They must have pretty high hopes for Bamiro.Over 200K of his salary is guaranteed.That is pretty unusual.

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