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    Player Expectations: Take 1 Aaron Rodgers

    Thought this would be an idea. Every few days, new player. We discuss what we expect.

    I'll start with Rodgers.

    Stats, Pro Bowl, super bowl? etc etc. Throw it out there

    Here's my expectations

    4200 yards. 40 TDs. single digit INTs.

    Breaks QB rating record for a season.

    Top PB vote getter. Reminds people again why he's the best QB that ever graced this planet.

    Builds on past playoff success and had huge stats there too.

    Creates a new star on offense mostly by his talent, Maybe Quarless or one of those other WRs start to break out. Possibly one of the two scatbacks.

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    Jun 2010
    Tucson, Arizona
    I expect the return or the Stach.

    I expect him to win the MVP

    I expect him to win the SB MVP

    I expect him to show Peyton what a real QB looks like and what a real forehead looks like.
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