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    Bayless wants to stay with Grizzlies

    Great news for me ! I really loved JB this season and hoped against hope that he would stay. Looks to me he was waiting to see who would be the new HC, and it must have been his answer.
    I'll find the link to the local news and post.

    Marc Stein @ESPNSteinLine
    I'm told Grizzlies G Jerryd Bayless, in mild surprise, has elected to invoke $3.1 million player option for next season to stay in Memphis
    "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find, you get what you need"

    HERE'S TO THE 2014-2015 SEASON !! GO GRIZZ !!!

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    Bayless wants to stay with Grizzlies

    Happy about it because its at the right price

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