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    Buying a Draft Pick?

    I have ALWAYS thought that a team like the Lakers should buy a draft pick or two from time to time.

    The NBA has gone to great lengths to take from the "rich" teams and attempt to balance things out for the poor.

    Bad teams get better draft choices.... Small markets get revenue sharing.... Teams over the cap get increasing penalties...

    The one area that $$$ can still help improve your club is hidden in the draft.

    Think about it:
    The Lakers have a thin roster, an old team and limited ability to sign anyone decent. They also dont have a pick until VERY late.

    Several teams like Dallas, Cleveland, Atlanta, T-Wolves etc.... are rumored to want to simplly get rid of picks to open additional cap space, or because they are soooo young as a roster, that additional youth is not what the team needs.

    So why not drop $3 Million and buy the pick from Dallas? Maybe even another one, and get some youth on this roster. Can the players they select be worse then Morris, Ebanks, Duhon were last year?

    What do you think of the idea.... AND does anyone know how it works? I think $3 Million is the max that can be spent. Is there a limit? Is the cap hold relevant?

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    Jul 2006
    It would be nice to actually have a pick for the first time in 6 years, but it probably won't matter as there have been reports there are only 12-15 players worth drafting in this draft, so we probably couldn't get a pick higher than #15 to get an impact player anyway. That is why teams are trying to get rid of their last first round picks and nobody is taking them. But the Lakers never buy or trade for picks anyway, we trade them away. With a rebuild on the horizon it may be time to change that philosophy.

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