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    Where are they now? How are they doing?

    One thing I notice anytime we talk about dealing prospects is there is always somebody hoping/praying that a particular player is the savior of the organization.

    We all know how the Pedro Martinez trade ended up. But I think it would be interesting to have a thread periodically check on prospects that were traded in the last few years.

    This way we can keep an eye out and either feel good about that trade or shake our heads.

    I'll start.

    Jerry Sands
    Traded to the Red Sox then sent over to the Pirates. Is yet to play a game on the big league club this year and is struggling in AAA.
    6 HR .196 AVG 66 strike outs to 33 BB

    Is not on the 40 man roster anymore. He might have possibly seen his last days in a major league park.

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    Two words: Carlos Santana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agar629 View Post
    Two words: Carlos Santana.

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