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    Nunez has setback

    The Yanks have announced that Eduardo Nunez has been shutdown! This guy is something else...He gets nipped on his shirt sleeve in April and goes down like Mike Tyson just hit him with uppercut to the jaw....And now he gets hurt in his rehab assignment...I love his potential and his HR off of Verlander last Oct but he had a great chance to steal away the SS from the Captain but spits the bit with his assortment of injuries...Nix has more heart!

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    I would like to see you get "nipped" by a MLB pitcher and see how well you do. As if a player can control getting injured.

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    I don't wish injury or anything back against others but to me this isn't a bad thing. Not having Nunez on our roster is addition by subtraction in my opinion. Longer we don't have to see this guy the better. In fact, I wish we didn't have Nunez on our team to begin with. It really annoys me how Cashman overrates Nunez or how much Girardi protects him and never shows him any tough love.

    I would only be concerned if someone of importance like say Tex, Youk, Pettitte or Pineda had some kind of setback. Nunez was going to lose his roster spot anyway when the main guys got healthy so this is no big deal.

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    There is already a Nunez thread. Not that I can read what your saying.

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