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    Apr 2012
    1. Rome, Italy (moving back to Chicago soon)
    2. Zimm Zimm
    3. Walter Johnson
    4. Cubs
    5. NFL: Bears, NBA: Bulls, NHL: Blackhawks, CFB: Iowa Hawkeyes, Michigan Wolverines, CBB: Kentucky Wildcats.
    6. Became a Nats fan in 7th grade when they moved back to DC because I thought they needed fans. But stuck with it and its been really awesome to see them good now. Much sweeter when you wait awhile for it.

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    Aug 2012
    Only sixty replies in 5 1/2 years....I expect that will be changing from now....

    Hi all, I'm a pretty recent fan, though I'm old enough to remember how crap the Senators were in my youth. I have many decades of experience supporting a losing team, I know what suffering is as I have been 'addicted' to the fortunes of West Ham United (a 'football' club from East London) since 1968. What you all call soccer is my first love, and always will be, hence the avatar.

    I am an American who has lived in Amsterdam for the last 23 years. When I visit the US, I go to Maryland, where I have a lady friend north of Baltimore. I started seeing baseball for the first time in many years about four years ago on visits to the US. Then, ESPN America became available on our cable and I began to see more baseball. I lost my job last year and suddenly found that I had both time and opportunity to follow, and watch, baseball more regularly. My 'project' last season was to support the Nats in their effort to finish on .500.

    I started this season by watching as many games as I could on web streams, in addition to the games I could get on tv. I've seen a lot of the Nats this season, and man, what fun it's been!

    I'm a Skins fan from way back, so I hope that this new Nats 'success vibe' will ignite RG3 and provide us with an equally surprising NFL season.

    I also keep an eye on the O's and Ravens, and wish them well as long as there's no direct conflict with my teams. I don't really have any NBA or NHL teams, since I don't follow those sports.

    I particularly like our 19 year old, and The Shark.

    Apart from West Ham, I have also supported my local team, Ajax Amsterdam, for the last 23 years, and Barcelona ever since Johan Cruijff played and managed there in the late 80's and early 90's.

    I'm heavily into music, mainly blues-rock, and will probably wind up encouraging people to check out my main man, Joe Bonamassa.

    That's it guys, see you around.

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    Jun 2011
    I'm not a big baseball fan but my favorite team has become the Nats because of Harper , Strasburg, and Storren.

    1. Indianapolis
    2. Bryce Harper
    3. ??
    4. None
    5. Basketball, football, soccer

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    Feb 2010
    1. Location: UK
    2. Favorite Current National: Harper, Ryan Zimmerman, Werth
    3. Favorite Former National: none
    4. Other teams in the MLB you root for?
    5. Other sports you enjoy? What other sporting teams do you root for? Soccer, Knicks, Broncos, Canucks
    6. Anything else you care to share? An amazing first season to become a Nats fan!

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