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Thread: Kawhi Leonard

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    Kawhi Leonard

    As I was watching this playoff series, I realized that Leonard will be a great hustle guy who is always willing to do what needs to be done for the benefit of the team. However, I started to question if he would ever be a quality scorer. Then I found these numbers and compared them to Leonard's:

    Year 1
    Leonard: 24.0mpg / 6.3fga / 49% / 1.7 3pa / 38% / 1.4fta / 77% / 5.1r / 1.1a / .4b / 1.3s / 1.4f / .7to / 7.9pts
    Player A: 22.6mpg / 6.1fga / 46% / 1.2 3pa / 32% / 1.9fta / 78% / 4.9r / 1.2a / .8b / 0.7s / 2.7f / 1to / 7.5pts

    Year 2
    Leonard: 31.2mpg / 9.1fga / 49% / 3.0 3pa / 37% / 2.2fta / 83% / 6.0r / 1.6a / .6b / 1.7s / 1.7f / 1.1to / 11.9pts
    Player A: 34.0mpg / 10.6fga / 46% / 3.5 3pa / 38% / 3.6fta / 80% / 4.6r / 1.4a / .7b / .8s / 3.0f / 1.6to / 13.9pts

    Scary huh. This compared with the fact that the other player is 6'8,228 and played on a team his first year that had starters who were big time scorers creates a great sample case. Player A began to step up as the scorers began to step aside. The player:

    Danny Granger. His scoring numbers the next 3 years: 19.6 / 25.8 / 24.1. I am not saying that Leonard will hit that (partly because he works harder on D than Granger). But it shows that early years of FGA, 3P%, and FTA do not dictate potential. I think Pop is continuing to develop and Kawhi and if he can work on his ISO and his ability to draw contact. I highly doubt Kawhi will get 19.6 next year because Gino will still get his shots and Duncan isn't quite done on the offense side, but I will say that the 20ppg range does seem quite possible in the next 3-5yrs.

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    Nice! The sky is really the limit for him, and he was easily the MVP of the series with the Warriors. He does so many things well, and as he continues to work on his ball handling, and decision making, I think the future will be extremely bright for him.

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    Time will tell, but he has had an outstanding season. His hustle and his ability to improve and grasp the little things is a sign of great things to come.

    he's improved his 3 point shot and has a nose for the ball. he's even developing a nice clutch gene and has made some pretty big shots. I had no clue he was the leading rebounder until a few games back. Jeff van gundy was talking about him being the face of the franchise last night. but like i said, time will only tell. But he is clearly on the right path and at a very young age. Very excited for him and the future of the organization.

    thanks for sharing ben.
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    'Coach, we've got an issue with Kawhi in the arena. Event management called and the lights are not on, and Kawhi's in the arena for two straight days at 6:30 in the morning. And he brought two lamps from home, and he put them up in the arena and shot.'


    (During NBA lockout)

    "No flash, No gimmicks. It's the quiet guys you should fear."

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    Many players have a break out 3rd yr, see: rose, love, paul, durant, etc. the lockout yr was an exception.

    I believe kwahi would have a breakout yr next season, but I really doubt he'll be scoring more than 20, he's not a scorer type of guy, i feel like he'll be better overall player than who he is now.

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