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    The Most Improbably Ace?

    Its suppose to say Improbable .....Anyway A very good read

    Amaro will toss a huge contract at him.

    What was meant for me will be Mine once again... THE CHAMP OF CHAMPS IS BACK

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    It's hard to figure out how he's doing it this year, which always leads back to suspicions of luck.

    I said all along that if he maintained his swinging strike rate from last season, he could continue those results. Well, he has NOT continued the elevated whiff rate and yet he's still getting that same strike out rate. I'm not sure how. His fastball rate is very elevated this year, but he's using a change-up/splitter late in counts. That split has a high whiff rate.

    This leads to two positive results. Many counts end early when his hit-able sinker is put in play. That pitch also gets fouled off a ton, so when he does get ahead in the count, he falls back on a change-up/splitter that generates more whiffs.
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