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    David Stern & Adam Silver quotes...

    NBA Commissioner David Stern, appearing on the Charlie Rose show tonight, calls Steve Ballmer a "Perfect Prototype for an NBA Owner"...

    but, Stern says, (paraphrasing now) Sacramento came through with plan, and a group, and that's why the committee made the recommendation.

    NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver shared a bit more with Charlie...on status of #NBAKings...

    Adam Silver "I think some people are surprised at the preliminary decision the relocation committee has made..."

    Silver (cont) "..because they say well but look at Seattle. There are more corporate headquarters, There's more TV households..."

    Silver "..there's the potential to generate more revenue there? Shouldn't you move a franchise to the market where there is more revenue?"

    Adam Silver: "Our response is not necessarily..."

    Silver: "...that if you look at total value over time and brand building and community support that continuity is important." #NBAKings

    Sounds like Stern/Silver are acting like the vote will side with the relocation committee.

    “Maybe one of these days I won't fail ” - Clayton Kershaw following Dodgers World Series loss

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    It's cause the vote will. The backing like we have of our team in Sac is HUGE. Every team in every professional sport wishes to have awesome support like we show here.

    I mean, what team has ever said they don't like playing here??

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