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    Mark Ellis heading to DL?

    Ugh its like Im watching the Laker season again...when one guy comes back another guy is injured

    The Dodgers don't yet know the severity of the right quad injury to Mark Ellis, but in all likelihood the second baseman appears headed for a stint on the disabled list. Ellis strained his right quad while running to first base in the fifth inning, and immediately left the game. He will have an MRI exam on Saturday to determine the extent of the damage.

    "He didn't think it was as bad," said manager Don Mattingly after the Dodgers' 7-5 win over the Brewers on Friday. "He kind of seemed to be optimistic, but we'll just have to see. It's tough to see that tonight. Tomorrow probably will be a better indicator."

    Mattingly didn't want to speculate, but it does sound like an injury that will keep Ellis sidelined for the immediate future.

    "If I had to guess, usually guys don't come out of games like that and it not be something," Mattingly said. "It's usually something that's not going to be a day or two."

    Mike Petriello at Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness found some recent quad injuries and the news doesn't bode well for Ellis:

    Unfortunately, this is the kind of injury that almost always results in a disabled list stint. While we of course donít know the severity of Ellisí strain, Ruben Tejada missed 48 days last year when he did the same thing, while Mike Napoli was out for 35. In 2008, Alex Rodriguez strained a quad, and he missed 23 days. No word yet on how long Ellis will be outÖ but donít hold your breath. This is almost certainly measured in weeks, not days.

    First baseman Adrian Gonzalez, who drove in three runs with a pair of doubles on Friday, says Ellis will be missed if he has to go on the disabled list.

    "It's tough. He's been playing so great for us. He's a great guy at the top of the order, and on defense," Gonzalez said. "It's definitely a tough loss if he's going to be out for a little bit."

    With Ellis out, look for the Dodgers to use Skip Schumaker and Nick Punto in some rotation at second base.

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    My early guess is he will be headed to the 15 day dl I just hope it was nothing serious that would require extended amount of time on the dl

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    Mark Ellis is a huge piece to this team. He won't make it to an All Star game but he's probably the most important "no name" on the team. And I say "no name" simply because of all the big names around him. He's a HUGE piece to our infield and smart ball playing. I really wish he was a few years younger because I could see this year or next season being his last in LA.

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    we just can not catch a break

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