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    How Long Until Blue Jays Should Start the Firesale?

    Loooong time Jays fan here, and as frustrated as the rest of T.O. fans. I can say though that I didn't get too caught in all the pre-season hype when people had them picked in December to win it all...however I did expect more than this.

    I know it's only end of April, but given that Beurhle and Johnson have flat out stunk...Bonafacio can' hit or field...Reyes is out till July...and Dickey is pitching merely o.k...and could be on the DL at any time, Blue Jays brass must be holding the trigger tightly.

    Plus the fact that Joey Bats pops up and argues more than he makes solid contact...Edwin, IMHO, was a 1 year wonder...Morrow has been awful...their best SP is J.A. Happ...they have 4 starters in the lineup hitting under .200 and as a team are hitting about long can they go until they pull a major deal?

    If the Jays are still sitting under .500 end of May, and with Boston looking miles ahead of the Yanks always finding a long do we wait?

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    Shailene Woodley

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