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    Predict the position run(s)

    Every draft features position runs that leave seemingly much higher rated players at other positions on the board longer than expected. This year I am seeing scenarios for runs on S, WR, QB, Tier 2 OL(Watson, Pugh,Long etc), RB, CB and maybe mid round TE. So do these runs develop? Which ones? When do you think they will happen? I think there will be a mid 1st round WR run, a late 1st RD QB run, and a late 3rd-early 4th round RB run. What are your predictions? Oh by the way...its DRAFT DAY!!!!
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    S position for sure could have a bit of a run. If Dallas picks Vaccaro I'd assume Bengals and maybe Rams would take a S. However, I'd assume Rams are going to trade their 2nd pick. In my mock, I got receivers making a little run. Usually QBs make a run. I'd assume in the late 1st is when QBs will make a run. With the limited amount of talent at T position I'd assume those guys will go early. A guy like Pugh who doesn't really belong but might find himself in the 1st because of the run. Fluker might be a top 15 pick now because of it. And I think we know he's not worth that, especially as a T. Usually the whole draft is a wave. Last year we say DT go VERY quickly in the 2nd round. I hope we don't end up on the short end especially with our 2nd round pick.

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