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    Why is there no love for Henry Sims from the Knicks???

    The guy is going off in the D-League and yet the Knicks have never given him a shot this year with all the injuries. The guy is avg. 16.4 pts and 8.7 boards a game....6'10". Am I missing something???

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    Because he's not playoff eligible...He wasn't released by the Hornets until after March 1

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    Jan 2011
    And he's playing for a phillippine basketball league

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    Nov 2011
    Dubai UAE
    Unproven in the NBA even if he was eligible

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    Jan 2008
    No experience. At least Barron has a ring.

    I expect them to pick him up next season, honestly.

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    Jun 2008
    Valley stream, NY
    I don't know bro, are you? He's in the D-league, short for developmental league. There are 29 other teams who didn't give him a shot either, and I'm pretty sure everyone had like 1 injury this year
    Don't worry about what people think, they don't do it very often

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    Dec 2012
    Even if we could sign him, he has ZERO nba experience. We are heading into the playoffs.

    If we are signing anyone this late, it needs to be guys who actually have played in the NBA and for a good while. Both are recent signing have. Too late to experiment with younger guys

    Look at Kmart. He came in and beasted right away because he has so much experience it didn't matter that he hadn't played in the NBA all year

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