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Thread: Evan Turner

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    Jan 2009

    Evan Turner

    Evan Turner is being made available does anyone entertain the idea here?

    Ellis/Drew, Udoh or Sammy D


    Turner/D Wright or Nick Young

    Id prefer to hold Sammy D for Center depth and would love to move drew but his contract may distract Philly. On the other hand Philly could view him as a frontline scorer/rebounder in the absense of Bynum. Even with Bynum he'd be an upgrade with his mid-range and Bynums post ability. Ellis gives them a goto scorer while shooting in volume he gets to the rim and facilitates despite poor shooting some nights.

    Bucks get a younger bigger guard who has a high basketball iq and kind of does a bit of everything on the floor. He's a midwest guy and Wright offers a expiring deal who can provide a spark of offense off the bench. I'd like to see Nick Young included but I think he slides to starting 2 for Philly in such deal

    Turner/Dunleavy or Nick Young
    Luc/Wright or Dunleavy/Harris
    Ilyasova/Henson/Udoh or Drew

    Thad Young/Wright?
    Gooden or Udoh
    Hawes/Bynum to be

    Know the players for Philly dont know exact rotation. I realize Turner has played alot of SF but in MKE he could be a big 2.

    Am I out of my mind? I'm a very disgruntled Monta fan he certainly has failed my expectations of him and I'd welcome the added size and IQ to our backcourt.

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    Dec 2007
    Yeah yesterday I suggest a Ellis for Turner and Wright. Probably toss in Daniels since were at max 15 players before any trade. Besides only cheap players we have to waive are Przybilla and Lamb.

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    Mar 2010
    I really like Turner...once he puts it all together I think the guy could really be productive. When he's rolling he's a double double threat night in and night out in the SF spot.

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    Nov 2008
    I would probably be in favor of bringing turner in. I was really high on turner in the draft. In fact, I actually liked him more than Wall in that draft. Looks like I was probably wrong on that one, but Turner is starting to come into his own. I don't think he'll ever live up to the number 2 pick billing, and if we trade for him expecting him to be a superstar, I think we'll be disappointed. But if you're trading for him with the expectation that he'll be a good to solid starter in the league for awhile and can thrive in the right system, then I think you'll be happy with him.

    I would pull the trigger on dealing for him, but I think if we do, we have some more fundamental changes to make with this team too. He's a jack of all trades type, not the type of guy who should shoulder the scoring load night in and night out. I think we would need more scorers around him if we acquired him.

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    Dec 2008
    I like turner as long as we don't have to take on a bad contract. I think a 3 team trade would be best, if things work out. Turner could be a great piece for the bucks.

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