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    Broncos open as 2014 Super Bowl favorites in Las Vegas

    Before the 49ers and Ravens even stepped on the field for Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos already led the list of favorites for next season.

    The Broncos opened as 5-1 favorites Sunday to win the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey at the MGM Race and Sports book in Las Vegas. The book has the 49ers as co-favorites with Denver at 5-1.

    The Patriots and Packers follow at 7-1. And bringing up the rear as the longest long shots: the Chiefs are 150-1 and the Jaguars 200-1.

    The MGM odds:

    BRONCOS 5-1
    San Francisco 5-1
    New England 7-1
    Green Bay 7-1
    Seattle 10-1
    Houston 10-1
    Baltimore 10-1

    Atlanta 12-1
    Pittsburgh 15-1
    New Orleans 15-1

    Dallas 20-1
    Indianapolis 20-1
    N.Y. Giants 20-1
    Chicago 20-1

    Washington 25-1
    Philadelphia 25-1
    Cincinnati 25-1
    Minnesota 25-1

    Carolina 30-1
    Detroit 30-1
    N.Y. Jets 30-1
    San Diego 30-1

    Miami 50-1
    Tampa Bay 50-1
    Buffalo 75-1
    Tennessee 75-1

    Oakland 100-1
    Arizona 100-1
    Cleveland 100-1
    St. Louis 100-1

    Kansas City 150-1
    Jacksonville 200-1

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    this past off-season I was a bit concerned with all the "Broncos are superbowl bound since they got PFM"..thought it was a bit premature.

    Now, I expect it.

    I will say it again, SB or bust. Draft impact players, shy away from the projects, and try to pick up an impact FA. Go all in men...PFM doesn't have much time left...and neither does Champ.

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    As long as PFM is healthy the Broncos should be the favorites. Hell, if not for one bad play when we were winning with 40 seconds left we would probably be really happy today.

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    Putting a dollar on the Jaguars...why not?
    Think long and hard about why you respond to nonsense. Please!

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    dont know how i feel about this... but im ready for hopefully a good offseason to start

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbroncos78087 View Post
    Putting a dollar on the Jaguars...why not?
    Your dollar would go farther if you gave it to the homeless guy outside the Casino.

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