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Thread: Kaskade anyone?

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    Dec 2006

    Kaskade anyone?

    I feel like there isn't much discussion around the EDM/House genre on this forum. Seems like all underground rap and bashing of the guys who make it on the radio.

    Just curious if there are any Kaskade fans roaming around?

    Anyways, I'm not huge into EDM but the type of music Kaskade puts out is really awesome. I feel his production is more relaxed/chill (while still upbeat) compared to some other artists that go for a trance-feel.

    My favorites: 4AM (Adam/Soha remix), I Remember, Angel On My Shoulder, Raining (Dance.Love edit), I'll Never Dream, Room for Happiness...

    Strobelite Seduction is the shizzzz


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    Dec 2006

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