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    The Bulls new starting 5?

    Once the Bulls are fully healthy we already know who the starting 5 will be. Derrick,Rip,Deng,Boozer and Noah. With a new Derrick Rose, who i believe will be more of a distributor on an already assist happy team,will make the true basketball lover take a smoke after every game. But this starting 5 is a no brainer. Theres another starting 5 on this team. Lets take a look. Kirk H, Nate Robinson,Marco Belineli,Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson. Before you go there let me explain. We were so worried about the dismantling of the old bench mob but I knew with Thibs as our coach and the talent level of this new bench, it would be a matter of time when things would gel. The new bench could clearly be a starting 5 and better than some of the NBA's under 500 record teams. With this new bench mob and the extraordinary emergence of Jimmy Buckets Butler,this team is scary good. I'm going out on a stronger limb that was pretty weak when the season started. With a stronger bench mob, D-Rose and everyone else healthy,I'm predicting an EFC title past Miami or Indy to the NBA Finals for 2013 This team is a lot more gritty thanks to Kirk. A lot more athletic thanks to Jimmy and Nate,and this year we have two al-stars with Boozer as an honorable mention. This is the year to take that step. Lets see what happens. I'm ready for the ride. How about you?
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    Word wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosh View Post
    Word wall.


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