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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Seguin View Post
    I can't believe this is Z's 7th year with the Bruins. I might cry the day he retires but I'm hoping that's at least 5 years down the road
    With modern medicine and Z's condition and physical gifts; I can see him playing until at least 45 years old.

    "I grew up in hockey, and I appreciate the game and respect the game, and I want to play in a place where it matters." - Soupy

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeelyforPres View Post
    I've seen Lucic consistently finish and even look for hits. He leads the team if that means anything. I just expect more of Chara.
    I don't know, I want to see highlight reel hits again. The last time was against miller......

    A check is one things but I want people to be scared when he gets on.

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