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    Exclamation Game 46: Magic at Bucks 7:30PM CST Sat.


    Saturday, February 2, 2013

    8:30 PM ET - BMO Harris Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI

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    Gotta get back on track tonight. I'm worried about Nikola Vucevic though, he is a monster on the boards and we are weak on the boards.
    I really think if we could somehow swing that Jefferson trade while also get a wing in it as well it would substantially help this team, as Jefferson bring two of our biggest weaknesses right now: strength in the post, and rebounding. Him and Larry Sanders has me dreaming right now...Oh the things Larry would do on weak side defense....
    " Failure is only defined by someone's perception of what failing is."-His Airness

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    Sparky asks a question after the Bucks beat Magic. What expectations you have going forward as a Bucks fan? Every caller said get to the second round of the playoffs. Then Woelfel chimes in saying we should hopefully end up 4 or 5 seed. Then they start talking we might be able to handle the Bulls since Noah has plantar fasciitis. Then Sparky said heck there's yet again a chance Jennings makes the all star game if Noah is out. Boozer is dinged up as well. But then Sparky mentions well there's a chance Stern pick Josh Smith or JRSmith or Deron Williams before Jennings. Then a caller asks Sparky is there a chance we trade Ellis? Sparky thinks we keep him and stand pat. Even though Sparky still wants a banger in the paint.

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    didnt see this game bc i went to hooters for the ufc fights but it looks like larry came back strong n that ellis played well on o n d! they article on psd said ellis smuggled reddick, was his defense that good or them playing out to be more than it was?

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