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    John Wall for Lowry

    Good deal? Who gets the better deal in 8 category H2H
    Quote Originally Posted by freejimmer View Post
    Jimmer still being BLACK BALLED by the illuminati/homeboys...
    Quote Originally Posted by freejimmer View Post
    If Jimmer were to be given free reign offensively, the team would basically quit on the organization out of jealousy and envy. The white man is the minority in this game and the black players will be damned if the white man shows him up at his own game. Similar situation happening with Kevin Love, the team has to surround him with foreigners and whites because black players won't succumb to the greatness that is Kevin Love.

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    Part of this has to do with what kind of stats your team needs and the other part of this has to do with personal preference. Without looking at team needs and if I were in a live draft debating who to take between the two, assuming that the two players are healthy, I would take John Wall. I can certainly understand those who would take Kyle Lowry over John Wall though, especially now since he's not sharing minutes with Jose Calderon.

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